What is Life Event Coaching?

Weddings, House Blessings,
Rites of Passage, Funerals

A Life Coach acts as your best friend and confidante in supporting and assisting you to make your dreams come true.

A Life Event Coach works with you to envision the event of your dreams, and helps you to make that dream a reality.

This is your life and you have a million choices about how you live and how you observe the life-changing events that come your way. Some of the choices seem difficult; there are people and things to consider. Family, finances, spiritual choices. In spite of what you may have been taught, these choices are yours and your alone, and will end up making the biggest difference during a very important time of your life. If you're a couple, it's the two of you working toward creating a cohesive and meaningful ceremony. If the event concerns just you, it's about bringing your creativity to the surface and being supported sufficiently so that you can move through this life event fully present and fully represented.

During stressful times (yes, even wonderful milestones can and often do produce stress), Life Event Coaching can help you to gracefully embrace receiving help and love while maintaining your boundaries. Be The Light can help you to learn to infuse even the most stressful moments in the planning of your Life Event with humor and love so that your spirit flourishes during some possibly difficult times. You will learn to honor and love yourself above all else during the often chaotic planning stage of your Event.

I'm Kaila Kaden; I'm a Certified Life Coach and Ordained Non-Denominational Reverend. I believe all things happen for a reason and it is no coincidence that you are here at my website. Open your heart; open your mind; you and your Life Event will surely wind up Being the Light.

Don't be afraid your life will end; be afraid it will never begin.