Have you ever been lost? Looking for the one person who could not only help you find the person you are inside, but help you manifest it on the outside? That is Kaila. Patient, kind, nonjudgmental, free spirited and bright. Kaila has an easy gentle spirit that flows with the changes of life and understands how to teach others to flow in the same way. She has the wisdom of the greatest of Mother's, the laughter of a thousand children, and the soul of bird. It is so easy to speak to her and know that you are not only in a safe place but that you are understood and appreciated for your uniqueness. If you are looking for how to take charge of your life and be who you were meant to be, Kaila is the person who can walk you to that path. Are you ready to find you? I didn't think I was, until I did. Thank you Kaila!

Melissa T., Reiki Healer

Kaila is a bright light. I sensed it the first time I met her in the early 80s. I was up for a huge job interview and she was the first person I met. I always say life is about what's happening on the sidelines and I am happy to have Kaila as a dear and wonderful friend to this day. By the way, I got the job.
Phil Harvey, International DJ